June 2022 – International Hansa Class Association announces host of the 2024 European Championships

The International Hansa Class Association is pleased to announce the details of the 2024 Hansa Class European Championships. The event will be held in Sneek, The Netherlands, hosted by Royal Yacht Club Sneek. The proposed dates are the 14th– 21st September 2024.

In making the announcement, VP Championships, Bob Schahinger said: “It is with pleasure we announce that the 2024 European Championships will be held in The Netherlands, hosted by the Royal Yacht Club Sneek. The proposal from this venue was very strong and the Club has an impressive record of hosting major sailing championships. As a committee we are keen to see our major events spread throughout venues and countries to allow growth within our classes. This event will be the first major Hansa Class championship to be held in Northern Europe since the 2016 Hansa Class World Championships in Medemblik. We are grateful to the other countries who expressed interest in hosting this event, and look forward to working with the Royal Yacht Club Sneek to facilitate an excellent championship”.

Chairman of the Racing Committee from the Yacht Club Sneek, Klaas Weissenbach said “We are very pleased that the 2024 Hansa Class European Championships will be held in Sneek, The Netherlands. The venue will be at a great location in the Sneekermeer (lake near the city of Sneek). Each year the Sneekermeer is the location for many large sailing competitions. But for 2024 we especially want to give a warm welcome to all sailors and spectators of the Hansa class. The Royal Yacht club Sneek and our crew are very enthusiastic and looking forward to organize this great event together with the IHCA.”

Invited classes for the Championships will be the Hansa 2.3, Hansa 303 singles and doubles and Hansa Liberty.

Upcoming major championships for the Hansa Classes are the 2022 Hansa Class Asia Pacific and Para World Sailing Championships in Hiroshima in October and the 2023 Hansa Class World Championships in Portimao, Portugal in October 2023.

More information will be posted to this and the IHCA website – www.hansaclass.org – as it becomes available.

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