2011 – Lake Garda, Italy

Access Class European Championship, Circolo Vela Gargnano, final day.

First to start today were the single person divisions. The two person divisions were sailed when the breeze switched in the afternoon.

Pedro Cancio Reis (POR) scored 1-2 today to improve his lead and secure the European Championship in the Access 2.3. Lindsay Burns (GBR) held on to second overall and Bruno Pereira (POR) moved up a place from yesterday to claim third overall.

Six straight first places over the past four days mean that Zoltan Pegan (HUN) is the undisputed European Champion in the Access 303 Single Person. Pegan adds this to his Single Person 303 World Championship title. Luca Mantovani (ITA) and Paul Phillips (GBR) both retained their places from yesterday to finish in second and third place overall.

Australian Barry Coates also posted another two wins in the Liberty division to claim the Liberty Championship with a six point break on Vera Voorbach (NED). While denied the Open trophy, Voorbach will be presented with the European Championship Liberty Servo trophy. Russell Phillips (AUS) built a seven point margin over the next competitor today to secure third overall.

The afternoon breeze looked promising and the first heat for each of the two divisions provided good racing, but the wind evaporated after the second 303 race was started and the Race Officer was forced to abandon racing for that division. The SKUDs managed to complete their eights heat on the last of the breeze.

Series leaders in the Access 303 Two-Person competition, Zoltan Pegan and Eva Mircsev (HUN), finished their regatta with another first place, giving them a 9 point lead over the field. They retain their European Championship title won in Port Camargue, France in 2009. Joshua Rothenhaeusler and Dominique Scheller (SUI) finished second overall, a couple of points ahead of Julian Mueller and Fabio Rosa (SUI).

With their two second places today in the SKUB 18 Alex Hovden and Kate Mannerings (GBR) held a single point break over Marco Gualandris and Marta Zanetti (ITA). Andrea Stella and Pietro Piccoli (ITA) were in third place last night, but a DNF today enabled Shimon Ben Yakov and Zehavi Hagar (ISR) to steal the final podium place.

The next Access Class European Championships are scheduled to be held in 2013. Possible venues include Hungary and Switzerland.


Access 2.3

  1. Pedro Cancio Reis (POR)
  2. Lindsay Burns (GBR)
  3. Bruno Pereira (POR) 

Access 303 singles

  1. Zoltan Pegan (HUN)
  2. Luca Mantovani (ITA)
  3. Paul Phillips (GBR)

Access 303 doubles

  1. Zoltan Pegan and Eva Mircsev (HUN)
  2. Joshua Rothenhaeusler and Dominique Scheller (SUI)
  3. Julian Mueller and Fabio Rosa (SUI)

Liberty Open

  1. Barry Coates (AUS)
  2. Vera Voorbach (NED)
  3. Russell Phillips (AUS)

Liberty Servo

  1. Vera Voorbach (NED)


  1. Alex Hovden and Kate Mannerings (GBR)
  2. Marco Gualandris and Marta Zanetti (ITA)
  3. Shimon Ben Yakov and Zehavi Hagar (ISR)
Alex Hoveden and Kate Mannerings - Access Class European Championships 2011 photo copyright David Staley - copyright taken at  and featuring the  class
SKUD 18 – Alex Hoveden & Kate Mannerings
Eva Mercsev and Zoltan Pegan two person division - Access Class Eurpoean Championships 2011 photo copyright David Staley - copyright taken at  and featuring the  class
Eva Mercsev and Zoltan Pegan
Pedro Cancio Reis - Access Class European Championships 2011 photo copyright David Staley - copyright taken at  and featuring the  class
Pedro Cancio Reis

2009 – Port Camargue, France

The First Access European Championships and first SKUD 18 Four Nations Cup took place at Port Camargue on 9th to 13th September 2009. 

he Inaugural Access Class European Championships have been concluded in Port Camargue, France with 9 races completed for the Access 2.3, 303, Liberty and SKUD 18. The Neo495 Four Nations Cup was also held in conjunction with the Access Championships.

Societe Nautique du Gran Du Roi Port Camargue (SNGRPC) were the host club and organising authority for the event in conjunction with the French Access Class Association.

Day One – September 10
After a practice session and opening ceremony on Wednesday, racing commenced on a beautiful sunny morning today. Principal Race Officer Serge Rouanne (FRA) held the fleet ashore until a 6 knot south westerly had filled in.

Race one was sailed in a steady 7-8 knots, and the SKUD 18 immediately showed its pace, leading out the mixed Neo495 and Liberty fleet.

The Liberty class was closely contested by Barry Coates (AUS) who was runner up in the Liberty Worlds this January, and experienced Mini G sailor Magali Moraines (FRA). Moraines won the initial heat with Coates close behind. 

As the wind increased to 10-15 knots for the subsequent races, Coates turned the tables and lead around the course, but Moraines was ready to capitalize on any mistakes. Vera Voorbach (NED sailed consistently to pick up a third in each race.

In the Neo495’s, Anne Othenin Girard (SUI) with European A-Class Catamaran Champion Jean-Louis Le Coq (FRA) as crew, lead race one from start to finish, a pattern that was to be followed all day except for the final heat where they recovered to take another win and complete a perfect scorecard for day one.

In the 2.3s, Bruno Pereira (POR) took the win from Jasper Smit (NED) and Monique Foster (GBR) third in the first race. In the two subsequent heats, it was Foster who handled the stronger breezes best, with Pereira coming in second.

The current 303 two-person World Champions, Zoltan Pegan & Eva Mircsev (HUN), were beaten in the first two races by the fast local entry helmed by Uggo Busicchia (FRA). In the stronger conditions, with sails partially reefed to suit the stronger conditions, Pegan/Mirczev steadied to take the win while Busicchia/Guilvic dropped down the fleet.

Day Two – September 11
Another sunny day brought a fresh offshore breeze that was gradually moderating. Racing commenced in 8 knots of wind but the strength diminished as the land warmed. The full windward-leeward course of 2 or 3 laps was completed by the majority of boats before the breeze died out completely and the race officer sent the competitors ashore. Two hours later, racing was back on in a 6 knot sea breeze. Unfortunately the wind did not stay for long and despite the shortened course, several boats did not finish within the time limit. It was a frustrating day for the race officer and competitors at the back of the fleet, but still good tight racing at the front in the challenging conditions.
In the Liberty division, both Magali Moraines (FRA) and Barry Coates (AUS) won heats to keep their battle close. In the 303s, Maria Kele & Miklos Szoke (HUN) took the first race, but fellow Hungarians Zoltan Pegan & Eva Mircsev won the second to secure their place at the top of the table. In the 2.3s, Bruno Pereira (POR) won both heats to take over the lead from Monique Foster (GBR). Anne Othenin Girard (SUI) and Jean-Louis Le Coq (FRA) maintained their lead in the Neo495 with 1-2 results, Benoit Galinou & Alain Bourdiol (FRA) taking the first race of the day.

Day Three – September 12

The offshore breeze was again steady in the morning, providing good racing starting in 12 knots reducing to 6 knots with flat water. As the wind died, the fleet was ashore by 12.30 but when the sea breeze filled in, racing was back on by 3.30 with a steady 7-9 knots holding for the afternoon’s two races.
Bruno Pereira (POR) dominated the Access 2.3’s winning all three heats, while Zoltan Pegan & Eva Micsev (HUN) struggled to maintain their position in the 303 two person with 4-5-2 placings. In the Liberty, Magali Maraines (FRA) won three straight to take over control Barry Coates (AUS). Anne Othenin Girard (SUI) and Jean-Louis LeCoq (FRA) placed 2-2-1 to hold their lead in the Neo495.

Final Day – September 13
Only one race was completed today in an offshore breeze of 8-9 knots, enabling the sailors to get ashore early and pack up ahead of presentations.

In the Liberty class, Barry Coates (AUS) finished ahead of Magali Maraines (FRA), but it was not enough to claim the trophy. Zoltan Pegan & Eva Micsev (HUN) won by more than half a minute to confirm their supremacy in the 303 two-person class. They are reigning World Champions and now European Champions.

Three Liberty competitors were sailing with full servo-electric controls. The winner of the servo trophy was Vera Voorbach (NED) who also placed 3rd overall.

Bruno Pereira (POR) also won today and claims the trophy with a clear lead. Anne Othenin Girard (SUI) and Jean-Louis Le Coq (FRA) won their heat in the Neo495 to claim the Four Nations Cup.

Societe Nautique du Gran Du Roi Port Camargue have put on a very professional event with excellent racing and great hospitality ashore. The club and its enthusiastic group of volunteers were thanked for their efforts by the International and French National Access Class Associations.

Competitors at Port Camargue were invited to compete in the 2010 Access Class Worlds in Rutland, UK, next June, and at the next European Access Class Championships in L’Escala, Spain in April 2011.


Access 2.3

  1. Bruno Pereira (POR)
  2. Monique Foster (GBR)
  3. Jasper Smit (NED)

Access 303 doubles

  1. Zoltan Pegan & Eva Mircsev (HUN)
  2. Maria Kele & Miklos Szoke (HUN)
  3. Uggo Busicchia & Guilvic (FRA)

Liberty open

  1. Magali Maraines (FRA)
  2. Barry Coates (AUS)
  3. Vera Voorbach (NED)

Liberty Servo

  1. Vera Voorbach (NED)

2017 – Geelong

The 2017 Gill Combined Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championships was held at Royal Geelong Yacht Club alongside the Australian Hansa Class National Championships.

The regatta took place from April 14th to 17th, 2017, with racing in the Hansa 2.3, 303 singles and doubles and Liberty classes.

The regatta saw sailors aged from 11 to 92 taking part and combined the Victorian and Australian Hansa Class Championships. Local sailors were joined by a contingent from Japan and 2 sailors from Chile.

Across the three days of racing, sailors were frustrated by a lack of wind however the four divisions were able to complete their minimum race numbers by Monday’s final session.

During the wait for breeze on the second day, sailors formed a spectacular raft-up of 25 boats, with their coloured sails reflecting on the calm waters of Corio Bay.

The final scheduled day of racing again dawned overcast and calm and sailors in the single person divisions were held ashore. When the wind failed to strengthen, the morning session was abandoned, leaving the results as they stood at the end of day 2.

The wind finally arrived in the afternoon and the two-person Hansa 303s were able to get three races in during their time on the water.

Reigning World Champion in the Hansa 303 single person class, Wynyard Yacht Club’s Chris Symonds can now add the Australian and Asia Pacific titles to his resume, taking out the division in front of his Wynyard teammate Mike Darby.

Darby turned the tables in the Hansa 303 two-person division when, with crew Manuela Klinger, he beat home Symonds and his crew, Jeannine Peacock to take the title.

It was a win to the international sailors in the Hansa 2.3 division, with Japan’s Koji Harada handling the light conditions the best, to win the division by 3 points from Royal Geelong Yacht Club’s Allison Weatherly and NSW’s Alyse Saxby.

In the Liberty division, South Australian veteran Bob Schahinger took the win by one point from Ballarat’s Charles Weatherly, with Jason Elwes from NSW in 3rd place. With competitors in every division, Victoria took home the State Teams Trophy.

AHCA President Russell Phillips said: “This regatta has been a success on many levels. Local and international friendships were made and renewed, competitors and their friends and supporters have been made to feel very welcome here and, despite the lack of wind, we have all had a great time in Geelong’.

‘It was great that the tall ship Tenacious was able to support the event and promote inclusion to the people of Geelong”.

“We are very grateful to the support of the City of Greater Geelong, Royal Geelong Yacht Club – their members and volunteers – and Gill Australia for supporting this open and inclusive sailing Championship”.

2.3 results

303 singles results

303 doubles results

Liberty results

2013 – Canberra

The 2013 Australian Access Class Championships, concurrently with the Asia-Pacific Championships were held at the Canberra Yacht Club over the Easter long weekend, 29 to 31 March 2013.

Part of the celebration of Canberra’s Centenary, the Championships were officially opened by Federal Sports Minister Kate Lundy. Competitors travelled to Canberra from all over Australia, along with competitors from New Zealand and Japan.

Single person racing was held in the Access 2.3, 303 and Liberty classes and the two-person competition was in the Access 303 and SKUD 18. 2012 Paralympic Gold Medalists Dan Fitzgibbon and Liesl Tesch also competed, inspiring the next generation of developing sailors in the process. The 2013 Australian & Asia-Pacific Access Class Championships concluded with a full program of eight races for each division conducted by Phil Yeomans and his race management team. The racing saw a light and variable morning breeze being replaced by a moderate westerly in the early afternoon, providing excellent race conditions to finish off the regatta.

The single person divisions were first on the water after the obligatory AP flag was lowered at 10:30. Chris Ruston (QLD) completed a perfect scorecard in the Access 2.3 competition with Allister Peek (ACT) taking second place and Doug Monk (NSW) in third.

In the Liberties, Bob Schahinger (SA) claimed the overall win by a comfortable margin. There was much shuffling of places further down the fleet however, including a 1-2 score on the final day for Chris Riordan (VIC) enabling him to swap positions with Cadeyrn Gaskin (VIC) who finished the regatta in third.

In the 303 doubles, Jocelyn & Tristan Nuemueller (SA) did not sail the final race, but had built an 11 point lead to secure the championship trophy. Alyse Saxby & Bob Hamilton (NSW) had some placings they would rather forget, dropping them from second place yesterday to fourth. John Price & Lindsay Mason (NSW) moved up to second with 3-4 finishes and two race wins today by Nicholas Dukes & Bruce James (VIC) moved them up to third.

In the SKUD 18s, Ame Barnbrook & Matt Crawford (NSW) posted a 4-1 this afternoon to finish their championship with a two point advantage over Rob & Peter Crawford (NSW). Paralympic Gold Medalist Liesl Tesch sailing with Mark Thomson were third.

Regatta organiser Terry Peek emceed the presentation ceremony on the lawns of the Canberra Yacht Club, with trophies presented by Race Officer Phil Yeomans (NSW) and Jury Chairman John Grace (NZL).

2.3 and 303 singles results

303 doubles results

Liberty & SKUD19 results