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COVID-19 update – October 11th 2022

Please be advised of the change of entry requirements for overseas travelers to Japan.

Advice from Japan Airlines

From 0:00 AM (Japan time) on September 7, 2022, returnees and entrants who hold a vaccination certificate (3 doses) are not required to submit a certificate of examination within 72 hours before departure. 
(If you do not have a certificate of vaccination (3 doses),you need to submit a certificate of examination within 72 hours before departure as usual.)
Please be sure to check the JAL website page entitled “Notice to all passengers entering Japan.”

There being an extremely large number of passengers booked to arrive in Japan.
Due to quarantine procedures and other border control measures in response to the COVID-19 situation,
it takes a long time for all passengers arriving in Japan on international flights to complete entry procedures.
(Depending on the level of congestion, it may take up to 5 hours.)
Please note that even if your itinerary meets the required minimum connection time, you may not be able to connect to your flight.

In order to reduce the waiting time when entering Japan, the following cooperation is requested from all visitors to Japan, including Japanese nationals.
Waiting times for those who cooperate are actually shorter than for others.
・Prior to departure : Install government-designated apps.
・At least 6 hours 
prior to scheduled arrival time in Japan :Complete the Entry Quarantine Fast Track (pre-quarantine procedures) .

– All customers entering or returning to Japan are required to enter the Questionnaire Website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Please complete the form before you arrive.
*This is available submitted simultaneously using the Entry Quarantine FastTrack (pre-quarantine procedures) described above.

Wearing Masks
To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious disease, and to help ease discomfort among customers, At airports and in aircraft cabin, please wear a face mask, etc. to cover your nose and mouth.
In some overseas countries, wearing a mask is no longer required. However, when using JAL flights, including domestic and international flights, please continue to wear a mask etc. in airports and aircraft in accordance with the guidelines of relevant ministries and agencies.
(Please continue to wear a mask at the airport and in aircraft cabin even after vaccination.)
(*If mask wearing is difficult, using face shield etc. is accepted.)

Note From the Chairman of the Technical Committee

From the Chairman of the Technical Committee to Sailors Participating in the “2022 Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championships & Para World Sailing Championships Hansa Class in Hiroshima

I am writing to share something with all of you who are planning to participate in the “2022 Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championships & Para World Sailing Championships Hansa Class in Hiroshima” next month.

I would like to inform you of the results of the boat measurements at the “Hansa Class World & International Championships 2018” held in Hiroshima, and give you a “Note to participants of the 2022 championships”.

Boats used in sailing competitions are measured according to the class rules. This is to ensure fair competition under the same conditions. You can find each class rules at the following website:

International Hansa Class Association → Technical → (see each class rules)

I will describe some examples of cases “not meeting class rules” that I noticed at the “Hansa Class World & International Championships 2018 ” so that you can see for yourself before participating in the 2022 Championships.

If a spar or sail is not in accordance with the established dimensions, it is difficult to correct it on site, so please adjust it locally and then bring it to Hiroshima.

1) Hull weight

The hulls are all manufactured in one factory in Indonesia, so there is no problem with length and other dimensions. However, some of the older hulls were below the regulation weight. This is because FRP hulls continue to dry out and become a little lighter, albeit slightly.

I believe your harbor has a scale for weighing boats.

If the weight is lighter than the regulation weight, a fixed adjustable weight must be attached. The adjustable weight must be firmly attached so that it cannot be removed.

Hull weight includes the rudder case but not a bowline, paddle, or bailer.

2) Keel and Rudder

You do not need to measure and weigh the keel and rudder if they are not damaged.

3) Spar

Specifically, regarding the mast length, some were either too long or too short, compared to the specified size. Please note that the length (including the cap at the tip) has only 10 mm allowance for each class. If the mast is too long, it can be cut off at the site, but the plastic cap at the tip will break, so spares will be needed. If the mast is too short, there is no way to correct it.

In addition, some Hansa 303 foremasts were too long. However, this can be corrected by repositioning the drum for the reef.

4) Sail

Some of the old sails had extended luffs and leeches that exceeded the dimensions of the rules.

We do not plan to have the sail maker bring in a sewing machine to repair it at the Hiroshima Championships. Please measure your sail in advance and make any necessary adjustments.

In addition, the country codes and sail numbers should be at least 175 mm height of the letters specified in the class rules. Please measure it in advance and consult with the local sail makers, etc., to make the necessary adjustment.

Sail measurement points are shown here. 2.3 sail. 303 sail. Liberty sail.

If modifications are required, prior permission must be obtained from the International Hansa Class Association.

If you have any questions about the class rules, please contact the Chairman of the Technical Committee, Tetsutaro Muramatsu. e-mail :

Japan will make Para Sailing history in just 30 days by hosting its first simultaneous Para World Sailing Championship with the Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championship on 20-23 October in Hiroshima Bay.

One month to go – Japan is set to welcome global athletes to Para Sailing World Championships in Hiroshima

Japan will make Para Sailing history in just 30 days by hosting its first simultaneous Para World Sailing Championship with the Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championship on 20-23 October in Hiroshima Bay.

Over 120 sailors from eleven countries will compete in Japan in the Para World Sailing Championship (Hansa 303 male and female, and Liberty classes) and Asia Pacific Championship (Hansa 303 single and double, Hansa 2.3 single and Liberty).

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, has been a vocal supporter of the Para World Championship ever since the decision was made for dual hosting.

Speaking at the launch event in his home town at the fully accessible Hiroshima Kannon Marina, Kishida championed the role of Para Sailing and Para sports in creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive society:

“It is a challenge common to the international community to create a society where all people, young and old, people with disabilities, men and women, can feel a sense of purpose in life..

“I am convinced that the many participants from all over the world who will gather in Hiroshima to compete in the scenic Seto Inland Sea will inspire and encourage people with their bright and shining lives and help Japan to develop a society in which diversity is respected.”

World Sailing maps course for Para Sailing in Asia

World Sailing has been working closely with the Government of Japan and Para sports and education organisations in Hiroshima, carefully mapping the course for Para Sailing in Asia in line with its ultimate goal of increasing participation as part of the Para World Sailing Strategy into 2023.

Japanese Paralympic sailor Yoko Sone, competing in the Hansa 303 single at the Para World Sailing Championship, reflects on what this means for global Para Sailing:

“It is very important for the Japanese people to see that Para Sailors and non-Para sailors can both enjoy this sport. 

Before sailing, I tried wheelchair basketball and wheelchair skiing but they are very different – in sailing, we sail in the same water and in the same boats.

We are showing that sailing is an inclusive sport and now with our first official world championship for Para Sailors in Japan, we can show the world that Asia has good venues and opportunities for Para Sailing – this will encourage other Asian nations to start Para Sailing programmes, even non-Para sailing programmes.”

LA28 and global Para Sailing “for all”

While Japan and global sailing are making history, World Sailing is now eleven months into its #BacktheBid campaign for sailing to be reinstated in the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympic Games.

David Graham, CEO of World Sailing, highlighted:

“In this year of vital importance for Paralympic Sailing, this is a major opportunity for us to showcase the fact that in sailing we see such an incredibly broad range of physical and sensory capabilities, making Para Sailing a sport for all. 

“This is exciting, especially in Japan after the successful Tokyo 2020 Games – and a major opportunity for us to inspire a whole new generation of Para Sailors in Japan and beyond.”

World Sailing will also be staging a four-day Para Sailing Development Program (PDP) before the Para World Sailing Championship, celebrating yet another milestone – reaching 45 countries in less than six years since the program’s creation in January 2017.

Masuhiro Bamba, President of Japan Sailing Federation, concluded:

“Para Sailing is a vital sporting force for creating an inclusive society. Building a society that recognises and celebrates diversity will raise awareness, tolerance and acceptance, and create new levels of respect within the community. 

“Hiroshima, the International Peace Memorial City, has been hosting Hansa Class events for more than 20 years and being chosen to stage these two international competitions will inspire growth in sailing across the region and give courage to sailors to pursue their dreams on the water.”

The 2022 Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championship and Para World Sailing Championship are being organised by the Japan Sailing Federation, International Hansa Class Association, Japan Hansa Class Association and Hiroshima Sailing Federation, supported by World Sailing and fourteen local media, sports and education partners including the Japan Para Sports Association and Hiroshima Prefecture and City Para Sports Associations.

Competitor Survey

All competitors are asked to complete an entry survey – see details here.

Event entry to close August 15th

The online entry for the 2022 Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championships will close on August 15th. Click this link for entry details.

Notice of Race now available

The Notice of Race for the Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championship has now been released.

The NOR is available in both English and Japanese on the ENTRY page of this website, along with a presentation shown to media conferences last week.

Press conferences launch the Asia Pacific Championships

The Organising Authority of the Asia Pacific Championships were invited to meet the Governor of Hiroshima, and later the Mayor to discuss the regatta. The Prime Minister of Japan – who is from Hiroshima – also attended the Governor’s meeting via video link, which was followed by a press conference.

The full video of the meetings and press conference can be found at

The official logo of the Asia Pacific Championships has now been released

In March 2022 the official logo for the Championships was released.

On November 7, 2021, the International Hansa Class Association announced that Hiroshima had been selected as the host of the 2022 Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championships.


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